Success Story One

Baby K attended our program when she was 8 months and went through about 4 months of BabyROO. Parent’s feedback that they are unsure what is the benefit of this program as they are first time parents, and have not had any elder child to compare. Lessons were also quite repetitive according to them.

Their opinions began to change after few months when Baby K starts to walk. She is very confident and is highly independent. She is adventurous, curious and never fail to surprise with new actions. However being the only baby, they felt this development to be normal and no difference with other children.

The big boost to the parents’ conviction about the program came when they enrolled Baby K in childcare center. They were pleasantly delighted with the ability of Baby K to blend in nicely and adapt to the childcare center. However on the 2nd week while picking up the baby, the Principal of the childcare said these words to them:

“Baby K is coping very well in school. In fact she is so independent and confident and we have an easy task taking care of her. In fact, I wish all my children were like her!” That probably sums it all up.

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