KindyROO Program

Our acclaimed KindyROO classes are divided into various age-appropriate stages – babies (from 6 weeks up to 12 months), toddlers (1-4 years of age), and 5-6 year olds preschool kids and school age children. Held weekly, classes run for 60 minutes each.

Our KindyROO program follows a definitive routine – which has proven over the years to consistently deliver solid foundation for children. Each term is planned over a 12-week period, with a term theme and a weekly topic related to that theme.

Movements and activities at KindyROO aimed to develop a holistic foundation for children ranging from developing good muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and stimulate the vestibular system, are key components of the KindyROO program.

Development of visual, auditory and oral skills, alongside a sense of music and rhythm, are important for all ages and are present in each class

Motor development: The axel driving brain connectivity and complex cognition.
(Image designed by Dr Jane Williams, KindyROO)

“Most importantly, motor ability showed the strongest associations with all academic indicators.”

Irene Esteban-Cornejo et al. (2014). Independent and combined influence of the components of physical fitness on academic performance in youth