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Times have changed. Today many of the key opportunities that in the past encouraged ‘natural’ development are no longer available to children. The result of these modern life interferences have reduced much opportunities for babies and children to move and play, which is having an impact on the developing child’s brain.

At KindyROO, we bring the nature back into development. In our natural evolutionary past, nature provided much of the necessary stimuli, and we evolved to imbed these into our natural developmental processes. So is it reasonable to take the ‘natural’ out of life and still expect our children to maximize their future learning abilities? Extensive research has shown that the better a young child’s neuro-physiological development, the better will be their ability to read and learn.

We do not rush our children to develop quickly. We ensure that the children’s foundations are laid properly and ready before moving up to the next step of development. This philosophy has consistently been rewarded by better results of these children in their later years.

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“Movement & cognition are interwoven”

Adele Diamond 2013 Executive Functions. Annual Review of Psychology