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The GymbaROO/KindyROO story traced back to 1950s when the founder, Margaret Sasse, was teaching English at the local county Technical School. She was tasked with educating children with learning problems and behavioral issues. She noted that these children are generally smart, but yet has difficulty learning.

With an unwavering desire to help these children, she embarked on a new learning journey on neuro-physiological research to seek solutions for these children. She found that natural repetitive physical activities can reform neural pathways so that the brain functions in a much more efficient manner. With this newfound knowledge and evidence, she implemented physical activities such as flip-flops on the floor, swinging from the monkey bars and crawling. To her amazement, the learning abilities of these children improved substantially.

These observations led to the development of a comprehensive neuro-physiological program and the start of the first GymbaROO/KindyROO in Australia in 1982 and what was to become today a global franchise of learning centers in more than 20 countries and a leading player in the neuro-physiological industry.

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“Early movement experiences are a significant contributor to healthy physical & cognitive development”

A. Jean Ayres (1972). Sensory Integration and Learning Disorders