KindyROO is an absolute must to parents of all children. The fusion of knowledge in physiotherapy with educational psychology, based on over thirty years of research, ensures that no matter what the child’s developmental stage, KindyROO can help them achieve more of their potential than they would otherwise be able to attain. The staff are both knowledgeable and professional, and the exercise equipment is perfectly attuned to its many uses, but the solid foundational theory, confirmed with years of consistently positive results, is second to none. A child who is fortunate enough to be enrolled at KindyROO will have the chance to improve academically, physically, and emotionally. Unlike other programs, the exercises at KindyROO directly stimulate brain use and development, giving results much more efficiently than standard methods. In fact, no other program offered to parents in Singapore has the decades-long groundwork, psychological and physio therapeutic theory, and the reliable results that KindyROO so easily boasts.

Kate W

Mensa eligible, Math’s Olympiad, Master’s Degree in Teaching, Bachelor of Science

“Basically use it or lose it, the more you stimulate the brain, rather like when you exercise you body your muscle grows, the more you stimulate the brain the more connections can be made, and the easier they work, the better they work.”

Susan Greenfield (2004). The baroness and the brain. ABC TV Interview on Catalyst.