GymbaROO/KindyROO is a neuro-physiological developmental center originated from Australia. Founded in 1982, the program helps young babies as young as 6 weeks old to children up to 6 years old develop strong neuro-physiological foundation to optimize their future learning and thinking abilities. The scientific-based program has proven over the last 30 years to be highly effective, and KindyROO kids across the world have benefitted immensely from the holistic developmental focus of the program. KindyROO helps children live up to their genetic potential and develop multiple intelligence and abilities.

The scientifically-backed methodology and structure of the program are based on the latest neurological research available globally and provides consistent results when the program is strictly adhered to. There is no other program that boasts of such unparalleled successes. With more than 30 years of track record and presence across 5 major continents, KindyROO is widely recognised by educators, academics and parents as the industry leader in neuro-physiological developmental.

As all parents and educators alike noted, KindyROO Kids simply STANDOUT!

“Movement is the key to learning”

Margaret Sasse, (2009). Smart Start. Founder: GymbaROO/KindyROO